Chef Jessica MacLaren’s Passion has been to travel the world and write recipes recreating that memorable flavor experience for her guests and clients.


Our Inspiration

Brett and Jessica MacLaren love to travel and they love to break bread with others. The desire to share their experience of travel and culture, their love for food and beverage along with meeting wonderful people all around the world is truly evident in both of them.

our chef

Chef Jessica MacLaren is the Co founder and Executive chef of Belle Saveur PDX, located in Portland Oregon. Her mission is to write recipes and prepare dishes inspired by her travels. Tasting the world and recreating that spectacular flavor experience locally is her passion and specialty.

Having lived and cooked all over the United States, she has a great understanding of various styles of cooking and regional cuisine. In 2007 she found her niche, she began to share her incredible experiences with others on a level everyone can understand, simply delicious food!

Belle Saveur Beginnings

Belle Saveur was founded by Brett MacLaren in San Diego CA in 2007. The business began due to an already eager client base. Brett was approached by many prospects requesting the meals and beverages that he and his then Fiance, Jessica, prepared so often. They were frequently approached by colleagues and friends to prepare their favorite dishes and recipes inspired by their travels and experiences for special events. Thus, a business was born.

Specializing in eclectic worldly foods, with the use of fresh local ingredients, they sought after creating the flavors they know and love with the techniques they learned together. Most everything handmade, in fitting with the menu style, the careful planning and preparation demonstrated was a huge hit with clients.

Our operation was simple. We started with an initial discussion about what our clients are interested in, then the Belle Saveur culinary team would prepare a drafted menu with dishes the clients could choose from, tailored especially for their event. This style of service requires a delicate mix of understanding the needs of the client, technical skill and ability to create specialty foods all in perfect harmony. This is not so common in the catering world, which makes for a very intriguing niche.

The ability to craft such a personalized menu makes for a very intimate experience for the host and the guests who attend the event. Our customers are able to play an instrumental part in the menu planning phase and it’s always nice to share your personality through delicious food and experience with your guests. It wasn’t long before clients became fans and were recognizing the difference with the kind of service and foods they were getting from Belle Saveur.

After 10 years of doing business in Southern California, Belle Saveur begins the second phase as we launch here in PDX. Experience how we explore new flavor creations with the finest ingredients that the magnificent Pacific North West has to offer!

Brett’s Cocktails

In addition to Brett’s versatility with the creation of fine foods, he is also a student in the art of fine cocktails and has studied this diligently for over 10 years. Intrigued by the history of the craft, the bar tending and distilling techniques dating back since before Prohibition, he has made it his skill to create flavor combinations with seasonal local fare. Together Chef Jessica and Brett write menus and recipes pairing cocktails with foods. Learn how to prepare these special beverages at our next cooking class. We also offer menu inspired beverage pairings as well as signature cocktails for events upon request.

Belle Saveur PDX Cooking Classes

Inspired by the dishes we love combining the flavors of the world through

Our most memorable culinary experiences drive the menu creation process. For the class we prepare a full dinner with demonstrations of accessible recipes for the home cook. Taught in a comfortable open forum, our guests get an experience of learning while enjoying delicious dishes. Expect to pick up techniques, tricks and tips with our fully executed menu demonstration and story telling. This combination creates and all around good time!