Frequently asked questions…

Why don’t I see weddings as an option under services?

We only create wedding cakes and other wedding desserts. Weddings are no longer a service we provide.

Would I be able to have prepared foods dropped off rather than full service?

Yes, Belle Saveur offers a “drop off service”. Reach out to the Belle Saveur team to work out special services details.

Does Belle Saveur have liability insurance?

We are licensed and Bonded. We will be happy to provide certification to your establishment upon request.

Does Belle Saveur Serve Alcohol?

We are able to arrange a bar service at your location as long as the Owner/Host of the event purchases all alcohol. Belle Saveur would prepare cocktails and or pour beer and wine along with the desired accoutrements for the service.

Do I have to design a menu or can I choose what I see?

Belle Saveur can choose the menu for you based on the details we need to know about you and your event.

What details do you need to know to prepare a menu/quote for my event?

Date of the event, Beginning time and Finish time of the event, Location of the event kitchen space/service space, Type of event, Desired menu style, Diet restrictions/food allergies, Service style desired (drop off service, Happy hour Hors D’oeuvres, Food and wine pairing, Formal Dinner, etc…)

Why don’t I see more than 80 guests as an option?

Belle Saveur is a boutique catering company that offers handmade cuisine for a very special gourmet food experience. This require us to limit the number of guests that can be served at a time.

What is the least amount of guests that You Require?

As a catering company we can serve up 1-80 guests. We do require a minimum payment of $400 or as low as $25 p/p for services rendered.

How do I set up a cooking class?

Cooking class protocol, Chef Jess plans and teaches a full menu “ prescribed and designed” based on the clients likes and dislikes, level of students experience and desired class content. *Option… Brett pairs the beverages recipes built based on the client and the menu to pair with.